This site is by a birder for birders about birding. I’ve been a birder since I was 8 years old. I’m not a professionally trained ornithologist or biologist (I have many friends who are and more power to them), I’m not an amateur field ornithologist (I have friends who claim they are, whatever that means). I’m just a birder. I like all aspects of birding but I especially enjoy finding new birds, be they life birds, state birds, county birds, year birds or trip birds. I enjoy listing birds, photographing birds and a good rare bird chase. I have serious interests in identification, visible migration and learning status and distribution. I like all families of birds but shorebirds and flycatchers are my favorites. I have served on both the Pennsylvania and Delaware Rare Birds Records Committees and am a past editor for the publication Pennsylvania Birds and former Regional Editor for the Eastern Highlands section of North American Birds.  In May 2019 I moved from Pennsylvania to Green Valley, AZ. I hope you enjoy this site.

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